Parent Resources

The purpose of this page is to organize information so that you can more easily find what you need to help your children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and academically. You are your child's first  and most important teacher. We are here to help and support you as you work to raise healthy, happy, successful children.

WBSD PAC Representative:             If you are interested in serving our district in this
Jennifer M. Padgett                           important way, please contact Joanne Weise 734.                       783.3322 or Jenn Padgett 313.319.4268.
Current Term Ends: 2020

What you need to know and how to help:
Breaking News
Information from the Superintendent; building or district news; current information about new resources or information available that we wanted to make you aware of

First Aid at home - Ways to Help - for children in crisis

Parenting News Daily:
This daily newsletter, "Roots of Action," is a great resource for parents. It includes great articles by professionals in parenting, education, and psychology.

NPR - "How to Raise a Human Being" - useful parenting tips on child rearing and the many struggles parents face raising children.

Back to school tips and education and parenting articles for parents

The Michigan eLibrary provides all Michigan residents with free on-demand access to online full text articles, full-text books, digital images, and other valuable research information.

Fun Facts:
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Effects of bedtime and sleep on kids' school performance

Early Childhood and GSRP
Links and information related to early childhood development; information about district and community resources servicing the infant and pre-school age child

Early Childhood Information

Great Start Readiness Program - Risk Factors

Physical Health and Well-being
Information and resources related to health, fitness, medical care, and services - great resource for health information

Always Changing and Growing Up ... for 5th Grade girls and boys and 4th grade girls ... Puberty Education Video - 5th/6th Grade puberty education video

Immunization information:
School immunization requirements

Free immunizations - for children without insurance

Immunization information:

Beaumont Teen Health Center - Taylor- services for teens

Parks and recreation activities

Health insurance for children

Insure Kids Now

Free and Low Cost Health Care - MDHSS

Links to many aspects of care:

Michigan Benefits

Health Care Programs - Eligibility

Drug Rehab:
A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

Addiction Center - You're Not Alone

Mental Health Information
Information and resources related to mental health, emotional well-being and mental illness.

New Oakland Family Centers
Summer Mental Health Youth Day Program Face to Face

Special Education Information:
Early Childhood Disabilities

Assessment and Testing

Special Education - A Basic Guide for Parents

Bullying Information:
Stop Bullying - Government Website

Assessment and Services:
Beaumont Teen Health Center - Taylor

Kids Health - Emotions and Behavior

Guidance and Care Services:

The Guidance Center

Community Care Services

Community Agency Links/Resources
Exactly what it sounds like

Help with utility bills

Help with food

Help with clothing, medical services, etc.

Health insurance for children - MDHHS

Insure Kids Now

Free or Low-Cost Care

Help with all types of financial issues (food, shelter, medical, etc.) - Michigan Benefits

Eye exams and glasses

Access to the Arts
Information about available resources in the community

Check Out Michigan - Michigan Activity Pass - Discover hundreds of Michigan's cultural destinations and natural attractions with your Michigan library card
Organization and Study Skills
Web links and other resources

Enhanced Learning - Looking for ways to enhance your students' study skills

School Family - Your go-to guide for school success

Test Taking Tips

Homework Help
Websites; teacher recommended strategies and tips

School Family - Your go-to guide for school success

Test Taking Tips

Behavioral Help for Parents
Information and resources to help in challenging situations

Empowering Parents

Guidance and Care Services:
The Guidance Center

Community Care Services

Reading Resources
Web links and other resources

Reading Comprehension

Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade

Basic Reading

DRA Leveled Book List

Useful links from our Elementary Media Specialist
Math Resources
Web links and other resources

Figure This - Family Corner - Math Challenges for Families

Helping your child learn mathematics - Activities for children in preschool through grade 5

Connected Math for Parents

Helping Your Child Learn Math - Various math resources from the U.S. Department of Education for Parents - The world of math online - homework help, practice, tutoring, calculators and tools, math games

A+ Math - Free math worksheets, math games, math flashcards and more

WolframAlpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

Useful links from our Elementary Media Specialist

General Resources
Web links and other resources for writing, science and social studies

Useful links from our Elementary Media Specialist

Foreign Language:
Study Spanish

Word Reference

English Language Assistance
Information and resources for families whose native language is not English

Health information

Coping in unsettling times

Technology Resources
Information about apps; resources for increasing access to technology

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Michigan Child Protection Registry
Information about keeping your child safe online

Michigan Child Protection Registry